Face Recognition

A model was trained on thousands of photos from the faces of actors on IMDB. Take a photo now or upload an existing one to find out what the computer thinks your age to be! The model can also try to recognize your gender! Please take a photo or upload an existing picture below.

Dataset for the model was downloaded from the paper DEX: Deep EXpectation of apparent age form a single image. Both IMDB and Wikipedia were crawled for images of celebrities and their date of births. The age was calculated on the time of birth of the person in the picture and the date when the picture was taken. The downloaded images were already cropped to only include faces. The pictures were then separated based on gender and age.

Choose to predict age or gender from your picture. You can also choose both, which may take a long time to load. Crop the image to only include your face for better results!
Data Cap Warning! Predicting downloads 133 MB of data.

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